Ad blocking in Windows 8 RT Internet Explorer 10

I have been using my Microsoft Surface RT for quite a while now and one issue I have had is not with windows 8 it has been browsing the web can sometimes be frustrating mainly because of all of the adds on some sites. I believe the reason for this is lazy programing on the part of those who develop the banner adds on the web. I do not have a problem with ads on web sites, that’s how many writers make money this is a great article on ads and making money on the web.  My issue is when the ads make it imposable or extremely hard for me to read the content I cam to the web site for in the first place. Many people my self included thought the Apple was crazy for not supporting flash on the iPhone or iPad but when you see how flash can bring a mobile web browser to it’s knees the decision seems like a good one. For better or worse Flash works just fine on Windows RT except for some poorly written ads. Here is a good way to fix a lot of those issues.

(this will work for all versions of IE 10)

First tap the ‘Desktop” tile on the Start screen. open Internet Explorer from the task bar and tap the small gear in the upper right hand corner.
then chose Safety then Tracking Protection
This window will open
Tap the link to Get Tracking Protection online
A new browser window will open with different tracking protection lists I used Abine’s Standard and EasyPrivacy.

Just tap on add. They will not show up in the Tracking Protection list until you restart Internet explorer.

This will block a lot not all of the ads even in the IE you use from the start screen.